Since December 2008 Sabine Sternemann has been the assistant of the managing director Klaus M. Hempel.

“Photography and image processing allow me to embrace myself non-verbally. The subject photography has been accompanying me all my life . As early as the end of the 60s, my father and I were blocking the bathroom for hours, in order to single-handly develop and enlargen the first black-and-white photos in our temporary darkroom. Until today the passion to capture moments via camera has lasted.

Since 2014 I have been taking photographs with a Canon 550D. Christmas 2015 a Sony Alpha 5100 was added, which has been my constant companion since then. Theory is a high art I am not really able to master.

To me, photography is something that is always slightly done with the guts.

I find my motives within the industrial culture, for example the Landschaftspark Duisburg or the Lost Places and the places with a spirit.  People however, are not really in my line.





Fotos © S.Sternemann